Friday, October 1, 2010

Kingston Animal Rescue has Rescued a Very Special Case of Rabbits

WMCH would like to extend a courtesy posting for a fellow rescue in Ontario, Canada who rescued 5 bonded house rabbits recently. They really need a loving, rabbit savvy, forever home where they can remain together. Here is their story and contact info if you are interested in adopting or donating to their cause:

Kingston Animal Rescue has rescued a very special case of rabbits:

Emily, Amanda, Rocky, Remi and Fluffy or better know as Kingston Animal Rescue's "Fabulous Five" are a family of rabbits who were surrendered to us when their owner could no longer look after them. They came to us from a home where they lived together in cramped conditions. They learned to be with one another and get along despite the lack of proper housing. When they first arrived in their foster home they remained huddled together in a corner for the first few days before they tentatively started to explore their new found space. They are now much more adventurous and love to binky and play together or on their own.

Our Fabulous Five are an interesting mix of breeds and personalities but somehow this little group co-habitates extremely well and can often be found grooming one another and relaxing next to each other. These wonderful bunnies are a bonded group who have been together since they were babies. They would love nothing more than to find a very special home where they could remain together and thrive together.

We are urgently looking for a home for them. Traveling arrangements may be able to be arranged given the distance in order to find a safe forever home where they can stay together.

More info and photos can be found at
Kingston Animal Rescue