Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Litter Box Training a Cavy (Guinea Pig)

When you bring your piggie to his new forever home, allow him to adjust to his new environment gradually. Place a towel over one half the cage for the first week as to provide extra security. After observing which side/corner of the cage piggie likes to eliminate into, place a litter box into the corner of the cage.

Allow piggie to come out of his cage on his own to explore but limit the area at first to a smaller space near the litter box and cage so that he does not have far to go if he needs it. Place some stray poopies into the litter box to help him understand that is his latrine area. Keep the litter box clean, but not pristine at first so that he may smell a small area to help him understand.Recycled newspaper litters are very absorbent and safe. Examples are Carefresh and Yesterday's News. You may use white vinegar in a spray bottle to clean the plastic box after removing the soiled portion, about every other day. As he continues to use it more and more consistently you may expand his exploration area. If he has run of a large, multi-room area you should offer multiple boxes outside his cage in different rooms. Be sure to clean up accidents quickly with an enzymatic cleaner such as nature's miracle to discourage re-marking. If there are other non-litter box trained pets in the same area, the training may take longer. One tip would be to place his hay into his litter box to encourage him to sit in it for longer periods. Generally the larger the litter box, the better. Good luck and happy training:).

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