Monday, November 9, 2009


A few years ago I received an Aerogarden as a gift. After having it for this long, I figured I would impart some knowledge I have gained from the experience.

It is nice to have around for some fresh greens. The fertilizer pellets don't have information as to what is in them but I never bothered to look it up online either. I don't know what is in them.

What are some of the pros and cons?
- Fresh greens
- Nice to feed rabbits and eat
- 66 pod seed starting kit for a real garden
- Easy to use
- Easy to maintain
- Easy to clean
- Easy to grow their plants
- Cheap replacement parts

- Price

It is incredibly easy to use. It will give anyone a green thumb. However, you will not offset any costs of growing the vegetables with money saved from those vegetables. It is just too expensive. With Aerogarden ($150), seed pods($20), motor replacement ($10), growing bulbs($20), and electricity you will not offset the upfront costs. They are just too high. You will replace a motor or two with roots growing into the motor and clogging it.

We are going to try the 66 pod seed ($30) starting kit to see how everything will transplant into the ground. I will let you know next spring when I start it up.

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