Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hershey's Memorial

"Every bunny we have met has taught us something new. In meeting Hershey, we learned that certain rabbits thrive in different situations. When we first met Hershey, she was a growling, batting, angry bunny that actually scared me! However, once we brought her into our home, absent of other girl bunnies, which usually don’t get along unless spayed, she calmed down and became the perfect companion. Hershey loved it when my husband and I would have conversations on the floor. She would bounce between the two of us, begging for treats or forehead rubs. Our favorite memories of Hershey involve her walking on floors other bunnies would slip on like linoleum, and how she didn’t like going into any box, but jumping on top of them. Hershey’s major way of communicating with us was her wonderfully cute lop ears. She had total control over them and if she had no interest in something, they would be lopped. Partial interest in something got one ear raised, full interest had both raised. To this day, I can’t image having another lop eared rabbit that couldn’t have this amazing ability. If you ever even casually petted her, Hershey would throw herself onto the ground, silently demanding to be pet for hours. She loved the attention and was too cute to ignore. She never took any petting for granted.
Hershey came to us with a respiratory problem she most likely got while living in her first home as a hutch bunny. Her previous owners probably could have prevented the problem. We treated her with many antibiotics, but unfortunately pneumonia claimed her short life too quickly. We very much miss our cute lop eared companion."

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